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We are Leading MBBS Consultant in INDIA

Medingo Education is one of the top consultancies in the field of International MBBS Education with a great track record since its inception. Medingo Education provides students with personal, research based support to help them succeed in their future medical education.

We will continue to support students throughout their education and provide 24/7 assistance via: email, Skype, whatsapp, and phone in every country

Our Features

Personal Counselling

Our team of trained counselors will provide you with free personalized counseling about your options for studying MBBS abroad to help you make the best decision for your future. Counselors will give you information about universities’ affordability, safety & security, quality of education, MCI coaching, as well as answering any questions that you may have.

Choose your Country

Medingo Counselors will take into account your requirements, preferences, and priorities to help you make the best university decision for your specific situation.

Getting your Documents

Passport: Medingo Education will help you in applying for your passport including providing you with your letter of admission that you will need to get a Tatkal (immediate) Scheme passport.
Education Loans: Medingo Education will provide you with all of the documentation that you need in order to get educational loans
Legalization Documents: we will help you with all translations, attestations, and other documentation that you need to finish your admission
Visa: We will assist you in the application and approval process of getting your visa

Pre Departure Assistance

Medingo Education will guide you through the departure process including advising students on traveling in their country of study and keeping in contact with students throughout departure, lay overs, and arrival in country.


Medingo Education will help students with exchanging their money into the local currency, and we will assist students in figuring out the best method of banking for their personal situation.

After Arrival

We will accompany the student from the airport to their university/hostel
• We will arrange temporary lodging if necessary after arrival
• We will provide students with a hostel accommodation for the duration of their study
• We will help in completing any final documentation with the University
• We will assist you in obtaining a local sim card
• We will help you in getting your library membership card
• We will provide you with a hostel mess
• We will assist you in obtaining medical insurance
• We will facilitate the required medical check up from the university
• We will assist you in getting the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the country of study
• We will coordinate with the university to help you in monitoring your students’ academic performance
• We will assist parents/relatives in obtaining visas to visit their student and help with travel arrangements
• We will provide assistance in obtaining a visa extension if necessary
• We will help students enroll in MCI coaching classes in university
• In case of any emergency we will provide full assistance to students and parents/relatives

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